The National Museum of the American Indian Offers Many Online Resources to Honor Veterans Day

For the 2023 Veterans Day, the National Museum of the American Indian has selected several online virtual options for you to connect to our Native veteran’s publications.

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Veterans Day takes place each year on November 11. This year the NMAI will celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the National Native American Veterans Memorial with a day of honoring Native Veterans and Warriors. The warrior culture is very strong among Native people because throughout history, Native warriors have always been defenders of their lands, families, and way of life. Native warriors have fought with distinction in all United States conflicts from the Revolutionary War to the current engagements in the middle east. While many Americans cannot join our museum in person during our commemoration of veterans, we are offering several online resources for you the get a thumbnail deep dive into the warrior culture of the American Indian. Below are NMAI online resources available, that have been published by the Smithsonian:

Navajo Code Talkers Corporal Henry Bahe Jr. and Private First-Class George H. Kirk. Bougainville, South Pacific, December 1943. National Archives Photo no 127-MN-69889-B

Members of the U.S. Army's 120th Engineer Combat Battalion (headquartered in Okmulgee, Oklahoma) participate in a powwow in an active war zone, September 17-18, 2004, in Al Taqaddum, Iraq. Photo courtesy of Debra Kay Mooney

Flag Bearer Misty Lakota (Oglala Lakota) leads the grand entry to start the 2018 Georgetown University Powwow, in Washington DC. Photo courtesy of Teko Alejo
The National Native American Veterans Memorial sits outside the front entrance of the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington D.C. NMAI Photo

For information concerning the live Veterans Day activities at the National Museum of the American Indian visit DC | Honoring Native Veterans, November 11, 2023, 10 AM - 5:30 PM - Calendar of Events | National Museum of the American Indian (