Fresh Banana Leaves: Earth Optimism Book of the Month

June’s book of the month highlights the critical role of Indigenous science for our planet.


We are getting ready to explore sustainable solutions for our planet – including traditional knowledge – later this month during Earth Optimism x Smithsonian Folklife Festival. June’s book of the month will help get ready for these conversations as it gives a deep dive into Indigenous conservation and science. Fresh Banana Leaves by Jessica Hernandez, a Maya Ch’orti’ and Zapotec environmental scientist, highlights how Indigenous science should be more prominent in conservation conversations and practice. Read along with us and think about how Hernandez’s perspectives shape your own views on western conservation and how it can improve to be more successful for both planet and people.  

Join us on the National Mall for Earth Optimism x Smithsonian Folklife Festival – June 22 - 26 and June 30 - July 4, 2022 – to discover more about Indigenous-led conservation successes, along with other positive changes for our planet presented by storytellers, community leaders, innovators, scientists, and artists.