Captive Breeding, Sea Lion Coexistence, and Climate Hope in This Week’s Earth Optimism

These stories celebrate success, uncover a spark of hope, share a new idea, or might just make you feel good about Planet Earth.

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Saving Sumatran Rhinos

Yesterday, conservation officials broke ground on a new sanctuary that will serve as a captive-breeding facility for critically endangered Sumatran rhinos. Captive breeding is considered the best possible method to save this species from the brink of extinction. This sanctuary, the third in a network established as part of a rescue plan, is a positive sign that the project is progressing and there is still hope for Sumatran rhinos. Read more about this program in Mongabay: Work Starts on New Sanctuary for Captive Breeding of Sumatran Rhinos.



"We Are Hope"

From comes an elegant tribute to environmental activists in Turkey that brings a strong message of hope as COP26 comes to an end. A Message of Hope from the Frontlines of the Climate Crisis includes a video from on the ground in Anatolia and words of inspiration for everyone fighting for climate solutions. "No matter how much the darkness surrounds us, as long as we continue to fight, as long as we keep up the pressure, there is hope. Because we are hope."



Recovery Meets Coexistence

The rare New Zealand sea lion is making a comeback to the mainland and stirring up a bit of chaos with its return. It is a great story, both of hope for an endangered species and a lesson in human-wildlife conflict rolled into one. The New York Times has more on what's happening while these sea lions mount a recovery and people need to strike a balance to coexist with them in New Zealand's Sea Lions Are Back, and Crashing Golf Courses and Soccer Matches



Sustainable Shopping

Don't let the upcoming onslaught of holiday advertisements influence you to buy into the fast fashion frenzy. Purchasing secondhand clothing is a great way to get a new holiday outfit without the massive footprint of throw-away trends, unsustainable materials, and questionable manufacturing practices. EcoWatch has rounded up the Top 6 Apps for Secondhand Clothing to help you navigate buying pre-owned with the same convenience as other shopping apps.



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