Wildlife Solutions and Jane Goodall’s Hope in This Week’s Earth Optimism

These stories celebrate success, uncover a spark of hope, share a new idea, or might just make you feel good about Planet Earth.

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Raise a Glass for Owls

Students at Humboldt State University in California are taking the idea of nature-based solutions to the region’s vineyards. Rather than relying on harsh chemicals to deter (or kill) rodent pests, the students are bringing in one of the Earth’s best rodent assassins – owls. Learn more about Napa Valley’s vineyard owls and other sustainable methods local vintners are adopting in California Vineyards Use Owls Instead of Pesticides from EcoWatch.  



Jane Goodall Calls for Hope

When Jane Goodall speaks, the conservation world listens. And right now, she’s telling us to look for hope amid the climate crisis – which naturally resonates well with the spirit of Earth Optimism. The Washington Post’s Richard Schiffman interviews Dr. Goodall to learn about her new book, “The Book of Hope: A Survival Guide for Trying Times.” She shares some incredible insight that’s worth taking to heart, and I look forward to reading more about where she finds hope in her new book. Enjoy the full conversation here: In Conversation With Jane Goodall on Climate Change — And Remaining Hopeful for the Future.



Recovering Reefs

Coral reefs were overdue for some good news. Warming waters have been brutal for reefs, but restoration efforts and reproduction research are making big waves for coral conservation. In some areas, reefs are even showing that they can adapt to warming waters. Yale Environment 360’s Nicola Jones gives us some much-needed reassurance for the future of corals in Finding Bright Spots in the Global Coral Reef Catastrophe.



The Cutest Seagrass Supporters

Sea otters are an important (and undeniably adorable) keystone species – which means that they have an outsized impact on their environment. Take the sea otters away, and their habitat will drastically feel the loss. It turns out that sea otters are also excellent gardeners of their ecosystem, supporting the genetic diversity and restoration of seagrass. Find out more about this relationship in Oceanographic: Otters Fuel Seagrass Reproduction, Study Finds.



Demystify Eco-friendly Dining

Want to dine with the planet in mind? There’s an app for that! Sustainable eating is a great way to minimize your diet’s footprint, but it can be a bit complicated and time-consuming to figure out. In These Three Apps Can Help You Become a More Conscious Eater, Theresa Lieb of GreenBiz suggests three apps that can support your Earth-friendly dining decisions. 
(A friendly reminder – personal dietary choices are just that: personal. Take action for the planet in the ways that make the most sense to you!)



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