Smithsonian Voices

The Smithsonian Institution has hundreds of scholars, researchers and curators, each with an amazing story to tell about their work, their quests and their passions. Here is a sampling of the unique voices that make up the chorus of ideas at the Institution.

Ceramic olla purchased from Soledad Lala (Soboba Luiseño), Riverside, California, for the collections of the Museum of the American Indian, with a sketch by the collector, E. H. Davis. Olla: NMAI 7/1952. Drawing: Expedition Sketch Book, No. 2, November 1917. Edward H. Davis Papers, Huntington Free Library Collection 9166, Cornell University Library (National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian; sketch courtesy of the Cornell University Library)
The Smithsonian Latino Center offers fun learning opportunities that celebrate Latinidad.

Six Fun Learning Activities for April

April 17th, 2020, 3:13PM
In the Peruvian Amazon, drones like this one are being used to monitor and prevent future destruction of the rainforest from artisanal gold mining. Photo by Guy Loftus for Conservation X Labs.
Karen Osborn, invertebrate zoologist and curator at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, uses photography to help people connect with the hard-to-see marine animals she studies, like this deep-sea jellyfish (Voragonema pedunculata). (Karen Osborn, Smithsonian)
Sabrina Sholts is the curator of biological anthropology at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. (Paul Fetters, Smithsonian)
The V-1 (Vergeltungswaffe Eins, or Vengeance Weapon One), was the world's first operational cruise missile. (Credit: National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Insitution)

The Myth of the German “Wonder Weapons”

April 13th, 2020, 1:30PM
Good news is out there – if you look for it. For instance, just this month scientists announced that we are on our way to recovering oceans by 2050.
The Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute's

Preparing for Cheetah Cubs

April 7th, 2020, 9:50AM
Crimilda in cap and gown, Courtesy of Western Michigan University Special Collections, Crimilda Pontes Graphic Arts Archive.

Crimilda Pontes: The Original Designer of the Smithsonian Sunburst

April 3rd, 2020, 11:57AM
Chief Warrant Office Two Misty Dawn Lakota (Oglala Lakota) takes part in the White House Conference on Supporting Contemporary Native American Veterans. Washington, D.C., November 19, 2019. (White House photo by Andrea Hanks)