Can humanity play billiards across seven million miles of space? NASA is dispatching the DART spacecraft to smack a moonlet (foreground), shoving it into a new orbit around its asteroid.

A (Small) Pre-Emptive Strike Against the Doomsday Asteroid

With the DART mission, scientists try to prepare for Earth’s worst catastrophe.

The surface of the asteroid Bennu, as seen in close-up by the Osiris-Rex spacecraft. Boulders this size (the largest, at upper left, is 48 feet wide) pose a danger to the touch-and-go mission.

NASA Is About to Grab an Asteroid Sample and Bring it Home

The Osiris-Rex spacecraft is on its way to fetch souvenirs from the birth of the solar system.

TESS will zero in on the Earthlike planets closest to home.

Our New Planet Hunter

Around one of 20 million stars, TESS will find something that looks like us.

The Earth-orbiting Solar Dynamics Observatory takes spectacular portraits of the sun, like this ultraviolet view of active regions captured in 2015.

Eugene Parker’s Journey to the Sun

He coined the term “solar wind.” Now a spacecraft will brave its source.

Exoplanet hunter TESS may just find "all the worlds we've been dreaming about," says Sara Seager.

Meet TESS, the Next Generation Exoplanet Hunter

Kepler was the planet counter. TESS will help us tell their stories.

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