10 Things Science Says About Being A Mom In 2014

Among them: she usually underestimates the height of her youngest child and her diet when she conceives could change her offspring's DNA.

Breast cancer cells dividing.

Could A Genome-Savvy Computer Help Change The Way We Treat Cancer?

The pilot is one of several doctors are using to target treatment to the way cells mutate instead of to the part of the body in which tumors grow

Ultra thin patches will be able to keep track of what's happening inside your body.

Forget Wristbands, Health Trackers of the Future Will Be Skin Patches

Thin as a human hair and applied like temporary tattoos, they'll be able to monitor everything from heartbeats to brain activity to muscle tremors

One day we could stop worrying about bumpy flights.

Can New Technology Help Planes Dodge Turbulence?

Airlines are testing new technology that could even warn pilots of "clear air turbulence" in advance

A new process is giving human voices to people with speech disabilities.

How to Build a Human Voice

Using sounds from "donors," scientists are constructing personalized voices for those who can't speak

The Aurora headband is designed to help you remember your dreams.

Can a Headband Really Help You Take Control of Your Dreams?

A new device claims to give cues when a person enters REM sleep

Toothbrushes that, along with an app, track your dental hygiene are coming soon.

Just How Smart Can a Toothbrush Be?

Two companies compete to get the first smart electric toothbrush—complete with a smartphone app—on the market

A resident of "Dementia Village" goes grocery shopping with a caregiver.

For People with Dementia, Does It Take a Village?

A community in the Netherlands has become a model for how to help people feel at home even after they've lost their memory

A new exhibition explores how failure relates to success.

Why It's Time to Show Failure Some Respect

An Irish exhibition titled "Fail Better" argues that flubs make success possible

A ski jumper flashes a V.

Five Winter Olympians Who Forever Changed Their Sports

Considered bizarre at first, these athletes' techniques ultimately became the gold standards for their sports

Nike produced parts of its Vapor Carbon Elite (top) and Vapor Laser Talon (bottom) on a 3D printer.

This Super Bowl, Players Will Be Wearing 3D Printed Cleats

Nike has designed special shoes that make athletes more explosive from a standing position

There are 40 ground-up crickets in every bar.

Are You Ready For Protein Bars Made From Crickets?

They’re good for you and the environment, but are they good enough to eat?

Is this the next big thing in sleep tracking?

This Mask Can Tell You How You've Been Sleeping

Its inventors say that through its sensors, the NeuroOn will also let you know the best times to take naps

This artificial ear was made on a 3D printer.

7 Medical Advances to Watch in 2014

These breakthroughs range from making body parts on a 3D printer to getting the body to fight cancer on its own

Stores are using sensors to make sense of the madness.

How Are Stores Tracking the Way That We Shop?

More and more are using sensors to follow the cell phone signals of customers to understand how they behave

Personalized search keeps people from escaping their worldview bubble.

Have Scientists Found a Way to Pop the Filter Bubble?

They say the key to exposing us to opposing views is to get them from people with whom we share other interests

Home deliveries are just one potential use of personal drones.

When Drones Get Personal

So we've seen how a drone can deliver a package, but can one become a buddy with a camera?

It’s time to give thanks for your taste buds.

10 Things We’ve Learned About Taste

Do following rituals before a meal make the food taste better? What about the ambience of the room in which you're eating it?

Soon this field in inner-city Detroit could be lined with maple trees.

Can Planting Gardens and Orchards Really Save Dying Cities?

Urban planners sure hope so, particularly in places like Detroit where a company plans to start filling abandoned lots with small forests


10 Things We’ve Learned About Fat

Experts have long known that trans fat isn't good for us, but research has turned up surprises—chocolate and chili peppers can help us lose fat

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