T. rex moves in for the kill on a doomed Triceratops—an herbivore that existed mainly on a diet of 
palm fronds.

The 'Nation's T. Rex' Prepares to Make Its Smithsonian Debut

In a new exhibit about "deep time" at the National Museum of Natural History, <em>T. rex</em> is still the king

Before the recent reintroductions of P-horses, the last confirmed sighting in the wild was in 1969.

The Remarkable Comeback of Przewalski's Horse

Once nearly extinct, the population of these wild horses has rebounded on the dusty steppes of Mongolia

“The Booths had an inherited strain of darkness in them,” an acquaintance of Asia’s wrote in the foreword to her memoir.

The Closest Source We Have to Really Knowing John Wilkes Booth Is His Sister

In a post-assassination memoir, Asia Booth Clarke recalled her brother's passion, his patriotism and his last words to her

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