Beta Writer’s debut work consists of about 250 pages of compiled research, sorted into chapters based on subject matter.

Publisher Releases First Textbook Written Entirely by an Algorithm

“Beta Writer” isn't the next great American author, but its debut work shows promise for AI-assisted research

Identical twin astronauts, Scott and Mark Kelly, are subjects of NASA’s Twins Study. Scott (right) spent a year in space while Mark (left) stayed on Earth as a control subject.

NASA's Study of Astronaut Twins Creates a Portrait of What a Year in Space Does to the Human Body

Wide-ranging research compares astronaut Scott Kelly to his earthbound twin brother, Mark

Skippy, the author's cat, is generally an attentive listener.

Cats May Recognize Their Own Names—but It Doesn’t Mean They Care

In a study of 78 kitties, researchers concluded our feline friends can differentiate their names out of a series of random words

Cherry blossoms in peak bloom on April 1, 2019 at Washington's Tidal Basin.

Take In the Scene of Washington's Cherry Blossoms at Peak Bloom

The trees’ spring beauty should be on full display for about a week, the National Park Service reports

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