Reversing the Clock

Taking care of the nation's treasures requires art, history and even molecular science


Science Matters

The Institution decides to focus on four basic questions


Invention at Play

The Lemelson Center celebrates a decade of nurturing the inventor in each of us

Kicking off the Festival, NASA Deputy Administrator, the Honorable Shana Dale, shares lunch with the Prince of Bhutan, HRH Prince Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck, and the acting head of the Smithsonian Institution, Cristian Samper.

Child of Wonder

Cristián Samper's lifelong love of flora and fauna inspires creative new displays of the world's largest collection


Our Adaptable Ancestors

Recent discoveries of skull fragments and tools testify to the resourcefulness of early humans

Artist depiction of the MESSENGER spacecraft in orbit around Mercury

Being There

Robotic spacecraft allow geologists to explore other planets as if they were on-site

The Price of Freedom: Americans at War

Americans at War

A new exhibition explores the personal dimensions of war: valor and resolve—but also sacrifice and loss


Turrets and Towers

The fanciful design of the Smithsonian Castle—150 years old in December—bucked the neo-classical trend of Washington's other monuments and buildings

Deep Science

From the Chesapeake Bay to Panama, scores of Smithsonian divers probe underwater mysteries


Natural Harmony

The new National Museum of the American Indian is a proud expression of Native American beliefs

Pete Seeger, 1986.

"All Music Is Folk Music"

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings may soon be coming to a computer near you


Pizza Park

Sure, the new Kids' Farm at the National Zoo will be educational, but a giant rubber pizza and a "caring corral" will make it also a place for fun


Grand Reunion

For the dedication of a new World War II memorial on the Mall, the Smithsonian will stage a four-day festival of reminiscence

The Secretary with a few "collaborators."

A Task for Every Talent

Since the Smithsonian's earliest days, the help of volunteers has been essential


World View

Panama offers an ideal vantage point for scientists to see the big picture of life on earth


Will Power

Estate bequests by donors past and present keep the world's largest museum and research complex humming

Fascinating Relics

Smithsonian's wide-ranging mummy collection still speaks to us from centuries past

A Century's Roar and Buzz

Thanks to an immigrant's generosity, the Steven Udvar-Hazy Center opens its massive doors to the public

The hall combines natural history with state-of-the-art technology.

New Hall on the Mall

A dazzling exhibition space celebrates mammalian diversity through re-creations of habitats on four continents

All Aboard!

A new multimedia exhibition shows how innovations in transportation spurred the growth of the nation

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