For some people in the region (Chapel of All Saints, San Luis, Colorado), the DNA results have been a revelation.

The 'Secret Jews' of San Luis Valley

In Colorado, the gene linked to a virulent form of breast cancer found mainly in Jewish women is discovered in Hispanic Catholics


Sea Searchers

Scientists launch a $1 billion effort to track marine life worldwide


Requiem for a Heavyweight

Science meets shamanism at a gathering to ponder the fate of the Pacific Ocean leatherback

Gene therapy

Betting on Designer Genes

Scientists dream of giving people new genes that will stop a disease or fix a problem. It is harder than anyone thought

Condors: Back From the Brink

Hopes for the endangered vultures' survival soared recently after six captive birds were released on a clifftop in the Arizona wilds


The Berry and the Poison

Methyl bromide makes our fields fruitful; it will soon be banned, not because it's toxic and it's very toxic but because it attacks the ozone layer


For Our Nuclear Wastes, There's Gridlock on the Way to the Dump

It's not an emergency yet, but we have tons of the stuff, some of it hot, some not so hot, and nobody can agree on where to bury it

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