This image shows an about 1.6 inch (4 cm) large male Yellow-winged Darter (Sympetrum flaveolum) from the side

Dragonfly Dramas

Desert Whitetails and Flame Skimmers cavort in the sinkholes of New Mexico's Bitter Lake Refuge


Writer of the Purple Prose

Zane Grey went West, fell in love with the desert and redefined the modern cowboy novel


Take Two and Call Me in the Morning

Once we didn't know how aspirin works; now we know that it does a lot more than ease pain and inflammation


Seeing Fingers Decipher Bones

Give Marsha Ogilvie some bones, and she'll tell you the who, what and how . . . and she does it all with her hands

Engraving of the Arctic explorer Charles Francis Hall

Arctic Arsenic

Charles Francis Hall was murdered during an expedition that might have taken him to the North Pole decades before Peary. Or was he?

The Ferengi (left) and Borg (right) designs, both developed by Westmore for Star Trek: The Next Generation

Beauty and the Beasts

Coming from a long line of tortured but brilliant makeup artists, Michael Westmore has put the past behind him, boldly going where no one has gone before


Making the Chips that Run the World

Making the Chips that Run the World A piece of cake: put 9½ million transistors in a space the size of your thumbnail and allow zero contamination


Hot-Rock Cooking Party

For archaeologists, the proof is in the pudding— or rather, in the agave, cactus and other goodies

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