During the six-month fire season, the McGrews' hardworking goats can be found lunching in various locations across California.

Using Goats to Prevent Wildfires

Communities worried about the ravages of wildfires are embracing a four-legged solution


Accents Are Forever

By their first birthday, babies are getting locked into the sounds of the language they hear spoken

Tanks filled with water await possible use as a fire burns on the crest of a hill in Lebec, California, 2010

Battling the Orange Monster

Even with air power and satellite tracking, it still takes people with axes and shovels to stop a forest fire

A Darkness in Donora

When smog killed 20 people in a Pennsylvania mill town in 1948, the clean air movement got its start


Turning Water to Gold

Confronted with a hill full of gold, miners removed the hill and the gold and left a mess behind


The Dominoes Are Falling

Planes are stacked on the runways and circling in holding patterns, delays are piling up and . . . the dominoes are falling


The Battle of Carson Pass

When winter comes, and avalanches threaten to hurtle down the slopes, a 26-member crew works around the clock to keep this California highway open

Coyote Creek

A Creek Defies the Odds

Thanks to 300 volunteers, steelhead are back again, despite highways, offices and a campus


Flood Forecasting

Water, Water, Everywhere

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