Each of the more than 50 animatronic dinosaurs remains fully functional.

These Life-Size, Animatronic Dinosaurs Are Heading to New Homes

Yesterday, an auction house in Canada offloaded more than 50 robotic reptiles in a unique online sale

As natural space is converted to cropland, pastures, cities and suburbia, certain short-lived animals like pigeons and rats, thrive.

In Cities and Farms, Disease-Carrying Animals Thrive

When humans dominate wild land, disease-carrying animals take over and biodiversity suffers

Critterpedia allows users to identify Australian spider and snake species with the snap of a photo.

This Australian App Is Like 'Shazam' for Spiders and Snakes

New AI tool will help users identify venomous species

Group of Jewish partisan fighters in Soviet territories

The Untold Story of Jewish Resistance During the Holocaust

A new exhibition at the Wiener Holocaust Library in London showcases accounts of resiliency and defiance

“Black and part Black Birds in America: (Crow, Goldfinch),” 2020

Kerry James Marshall's New Paintings Consider Blackness and Audubon’s Legacy

New series explores black erasure in art and John James Audubon’s own racial identity

A box of offerings included a gold band reminiscent of a miniature bracelet and a llama or alpaca figurine made of the shell of a rare mollusk.

Inca Llama Carving Recovered From Depths of Lake Titicaca

The well-preserved artifact was likely used in a sacred ritual

Newly discovered fossils indicate the Asio ecuadoriensis owl hunted and ate various smaller species of owl.

This Giant Prehistoric Owl Was an Actual Cannibal

Fossils found in the Ecuadorian Andes suggest the creature was a formidable predator

A Dutch art dealer realized the vase's significance after appraising an elderly European woman's collection.

Rare Chinese Vase Found in Pet-Filled Home Sells for $9 Million

The 18th-century artifact was made in a style specific to the Qianlong dynasty

A farmer distributes lime over a field in the UK. A new climate solution would use a similar technique to spread rock dust.

Rock Dust Could Be Farming's Next Climate Solution

The process, called enhanced weathering, could remove 2 billion tons of CO2 from the air while fertilizing soil

A Pinacate beetle explores the UW campus with a camera on its back.

Beetles Wearing Tiny, Robotic Camera Backpacks Give Bugs-Eye View of the World

The wireless, lightweight and steerable device expands the possibilities for miniature cameras

Lynne Olver's personal library contains more than 2,300 food-related books.

You Could Help Curate This Ambitious Timeline of Food History

The family of Lynne Olver, the librarian who launched the online portal in 1999, needs help keeping her legacy alive

Llamas, alpacas and other camelids produce a special kind of antibody called nanobodies, which may be used to treat and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Llama Cells Could Help Scientists Create a COVID-19 Treatment

Scientists are re-engineering llama antibodies to neutralize the virus

The view from WindowSwap user Simone's window in Villongo, Italy

This Website Highlights Views Outside Windows Across the World

The WindowSwap project provides a virtual travel opportunity for those sheltering in place amid the COVID-19 pandemic

After the fall of Tenochtitlan in 1521, the Spanish forced the Aztecs to tear down their buildings and use the leftover materials to construct a new city.

Aztec Palace and House Built by Hernán Cortés Unearthed in Mexico City

The Spanish conquistador's home stood on the site of the razed royal residence

Chief Ousamequin shares a peace pipe with Plymouth Governor John Carver.

The Myths of the Thanksgiving Story and the Lasting Damage They Imbue

In truth, massacres, disease and American Indian tribal politics are what shaped the Pilgrim-Indian alliance at the root of the holiday

By inducing hypothermia in patients with extreme blood loss, doctors can buy a couple hours to perform surgery.

Doctors Put a Patient in Suspended Animation for the First Time

The process requires stopping a trauma patient's heart and cooling their body with ice-cold saline

Bass player Verdine White of Earth, Wind & Fire performed the group's iconic song "September."

Here’s What NPG Gala Honorees Have to Say About Their Portraits

Likenesses of six American icons including Jeff Bezos, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Frances Arnold join the collections

In the installation Color Wheel, the color of the gestures on each canvas are complementary to the background color.

Artist Pat Steir Turns the Hirshhorn Into a Massive Color Wheel

A new immersive installation investigates colors and their relations

Dolphins corral sardines into a "bait ball."

Watch Dolphins Punt, Thrash and Trap Their Prey

Recent observations showcase dolphins’ diverse—and often violent—hunting techniques

Mark Prausnitz holds an experimental microneedle contraceptive skin patch. Designed to be self-administered by women for long-acting contraception, the patch could provide a new family planning option.

Will Microneedle Patches Be the Future of Birth Control?

Researchers are developing a new long-acting, self-administered device that delivers hormones beneath the skin’s surface

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