Policemen patrol the streets near Notre-Dame on March 17, 2020, as a strict lockdown comes into effect.

Two Men Arrested After Trying to Steal Stones From Notre-Dame

The suspects were found drunk and hiding under a tarpaulin, reportedly in possession of small stones from the fire-ravaged cathedral

Lego Pieces Could Last for 1,300 Years in Marine Environments

The extent of the toy’s durability came as a 'surprise' to researchers behind a new study

In lieu of visiting Yellowstone (pictured here) and other national parks in person, try exploring them virtually.

How COVID-19 Is Affecting the United States' National Parks

Some sites have closed completely, while others are making modifications to promote social distancing

Urban Coyotes Eat a Lot of Garbage—and Cats

A new study shows how city-dwelling coyotes thrive by feasting on human-linked food sources

Archaeologists excavated the site ahead of construction of a new health center.

Remnants of 13th-Century Town Walls Unearthed in Wales

Caernarfon, where the discovery was made, was key to Edward I's conquest of the Welsh

A two-page spread from the We All Rise coloring book

A Detroit Gallery Is Providing Kids With Coloring Books—and Meals—Amid COVID-19

The Library Street Collective's "We All Rise" coloring book features drawings by around 30 contemporary artists

Some stores have implemented special shopping hours for senior people and immunocompromised individuals.

Stores Launch Special Shopping Times for Seniors and Other Groups Vulnerable to COVID-19

But will that keep susceptible populations safe?

The insect now known as Kaikaia gaga represents a new genus and species of treehopper.

Insect With ‘Wacky Fashion Sense’ Named After Lady Gaga

It’s not quite a meat dress, but Kaikaia gaga does boast some impressive horn-like appendages

Anthony van Dyck, A Soldier on Horseback, c. 1616

Thieves Steal Three Precious Artworks From Oxford Gallery

Together, the paintings—including one by Anthony van Dyck—could be worth around £10 million if sold on the open market

This image depicts one of 20 demolition bombs dropped in 1935 in an attempt to divert lava flow.

Found: Two Bombs From 1935 Stuck in Hawai'i Volcano

After 85 years, officials plan to remove the old, undetonated bombs that were part of a 1935 plan to divert lava flow on Mauna Loa

Fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls, considered one of the greatest archeological discoveries of the 20th century, are displayed 18 June 2003 at Montreal's Pointe-a-Callieres Archeological Museum

All of the Museum of the Bible's Dead Sea Scrolls Are Fake, Report Finds

The new findings raises questions about the authenticity of a collection of texts known as the "post-2002" scrolls

Could rats be genetically wired for New York City living?

Rats May Be Genetically Adapted to New York Living

Perhaps it was not just a massive slice that made Pizza Rat a true New Yorker

Wallis Simpson and Prince Edward outside of Government House in Nassau, the Bahamas, circa 1942

Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson's Sprawling Bahamas Estate Is Up for Sale

After abdicating the British throne, Edward was appointed governor of the Bahamas, where he temporarily lived in a lavish home in Nassau

Deltapodus prints offering the first strong evidence that stegosaurian dinosaurs were part of the Middle Jurassic landscape on Skye

A Dinosaur 'Stomping Ground' Surfaces on the Isle of Skye

Two sites preserve around 50 footprints, a discovery that highlights the richness of prehistoric life on the island

Volunteers have placed sandbags along the beach in hopes of preventing further flooding.

U.K. Storms Unearth Bones From Historic Scottish Cemetery—and Archaeologists Are Worried

The burial site, which contains remains from both the Picts and the Norse, is at risk of disappearing due to coastal erosion

Two Rare White Giraffes Killed by Poachers in Kenya

Their coloration is unusual. Their fate, sadly, is not

The thrift store find is part of the artist's Divine Comedy series, seen here during a 2014 exhibition in Frankfurt Oder, Germany.

Thrift Store Find Identified as Original Salvador Dalí Print

The Spanish Surrealist painted a series of 100 watercolors inspired by Dante's "Divine Comedy"

Deployment of sediment coring device in the Norwegian-Greenland sea from a research vessel during an expedition in 2015.

Chlamydia-Related Bacteria Discovered in the Deep Arctic Ocean

‘What on earth were they doing there?’ one researcher asks

The manuscript features an array of gilded designs and illustrations.

Stolen Collection of Persian Poetry Found With Help of 'Indiana Jones of the Art World' Goes on Auction

The 15th-century edition of Hafez's "Divan" will be sold at Sotheby's next month

The dino statues have been returned.

Three Dinosaur Replicas, Stolen From a Utah Park, Have Been Found

‘Why—why would someone steal them?’ asked the artist who recently refurbished the models

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