Aerial view of an amphitheater in Budapest, Hungary

Airborne Archaeology

The view from above can yield insights on the ground

"Babai" Photographer: Kochi, 13
Kochi lives in a Calcutta boarding school, where she has learned English. "I feel shy taking pictures outside," she says. "People taunt us. They say, 'Where did they bring those cameras from?'"

Young Eyes on Calcutta

Zana Briski and collaborator Ross Kauffman's Academy Award winning documentary chronicals the resilience of children in a Calcutta red-light district

Fighting For Foxes

A disastrous chain of events nearly wiped out California's diminutive island fox. Scientists hope it's not too late to undo the damage


Unexpected Antarctica

Far from being a wasteland of ice and snow, the world's most remote region is alive with history, color and life


Flower Child

A Vietnam War protester recalls a seminal '60s image, part of a new book celebrating French photographer Marc Riboud's 50-year career


A Century of Flight - Taking Wing

From the Wright brothers to the latest robot jets, the past century has been shaped by the men and women who got us off the ground

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