Nursing isn't all smiles and candy stripes, in fact it's a very stressful job

Stressed Nurses Dehumanize Patients to Cope, Says New Research

Italian study analyzes what it takes for nurses to remain committed to their job

It's critical we cut carbon emissions, says UCLA study

Here Are the Five Best Ways to Fight Climate Change, Ranked by Scientists

Given their "feasibility, cost-effectiveness, risk, public acceptance, governability and ethics," these are the best ways to fight global warming

Moo-ve over mosquitos, your next bug spray may be cow cologne

This Cologne Makes Cows Smell Like Humans, So Mosquitos Bite Them Instead of Us

California company receives Gates Foundation grant to explore a unique kind of pest control

No day is a day without running for streakers

The Longest Running Streak on Record Is 16,447 Days

Jogging junkies give exercise records a run for their money

Lent by Department of Special Collections, Stanford University Libraries. (L.4.122.2013_YOS.19_CDP-pub.tif)

These 1861 Photos Helped Convince Abraham Lincoln to Preserve Yosemite for the Public

Stanford University celebrates the National Park's 150th anniversary with some retro photos

Americans Are Serving Alpaca for Dinner

The llama-like animal is growing in popularity for meat eaters in the U.S.

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