It’s a Blog!

Welcome to our newborn blog, Food and Think, which we hope will soon become one of your browser's best friends!

This won't be a food blog in the traditional sense of sharing recipes (except occasionally) or reviewing restaurants -- the focus is on food and drink from a Smithsonian perspective. That means looking through the lens of science, history, anthropology and other disciplines, asking quirky questions and being generally geeky about all things edible. (But fun, entertaining geeks, we hope...)

There are two authors behind this blog. Amanda Bensen is an assistant editor at Smithsonian magazine, and Hugh Powell is a freelance writer who has blogged about science topics for He'll handle most of the science-related stories, while Amanda will focus more on the history, politics and culture of eating and drinking. Both of them are hungry for feedback, so don't feel shy about commenting.

Bon Appetit!

Update: Freelance writer Lisa Bramen replaced Hugh Powell in February 2009.

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