A Taste of Geoduck

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I got my first taste of geoduck recently when I headed over to Chinatown on lunch break with a few intrepid coworkers. (Science blogger Sarah and science editor Laura were especially eager to try some after working on the mag's recent feature about the massive mollusks.)

Before heading out, I'd watched our video of Hung from Top Chef cooking geoduck, and scoffed at his limited descriptive powers. He kept just saying it tasted "oceany."

At the restaurant, a little Chinese place called Eat First, geoduck was listed as a special served with "corals and yellow leaks." (Talk about an unappetizing typo!) We pointed to the sign and soon got served this platter of glistening leeks topped with some white and orange bits. I'm assuming the white stuff was the geoduck, but I'm a little confused by the corals—do they mean coral as in a reef? That's not edible as far as I know. Or was it another case of bad translation? Maybe you can help: Take a look at the curly orange pieces in this photo and let me know if you have any insights.

The verdict? Geoduck is good, with a texture that seems to combine clam and chicken, and a taste that's...um...well...oceany.

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