Lindy's Mom

LINDY OFF TO SOUTH AMERICA; TAKES HIS MOTHER TO CAPITOLSTORY LINE: Charles Lindbergh is about to open a new airmail route to the Southern Hemisphere. His mother, Mrs. Evangeline Lindbergh, accompanies him as far as Washington, DC. SCRIPT: Lindy and his mother. Shes got a great chauffeur. As soon as he brings his new plane here from the coast he gives his mother a ride. You know, Mrs. Lindbergh, Sr. is a teacher of chemistry. Well, here goes mamma into the rumble seat with Lindy helping her. A cop tries to help him with his parachute but Lindy writes his own ticket. Only a few minutes now and hell be off on another wonderful flight. That boy just cant stay on the ground. Sometimes I think hes got tender feet. Heres a couple of good-bye close-ups and before they start Lindy looks over to see that his mother is comfy. His plane is bright red and shes a beauty. She skims along and first thing you know the ground is left behind. Lindys going to blaze a new airmail route from New York to the Canal Zone. And when he blazes em they stay blazed. Good luck, Lindy!Location: Roosevelt Field, NY; Release Date: 04/26/30 (00:54)