January 1930: Curtiss-Tanager Wins Safety Award

AMERICAN PLANE WINS $100,000 SAFETY PRIZE.STORY LINE: A Guggenheim Award goes to the Curtiss-Tanager plane as best of 15 entrants in an international airplane safety contest in 1930. SCRIPT: in Long Island. Thats a nice piece of change to get right after Christmas. Vice President Land, of the Guggenheim Foundation, is giving the check to President Keyes of the Curtiss Company. Up she goes like a toy balloon. Now were sailing along 4,000 feet over the field. Almost a mile. Watch this fellow rock the boat. If you tried to do that with any other plane youd go into a spin so fast that youd think you were falling out of bed. No wonder they call this the safest little plane in the world. They say a child could run it and I believe them. Another great stunt is the short landing. Notice the speed hes traveling at, but there wont be any bump. Just nice and easy like falling into a snow pile. Location: Mitchel Field, NY; Release Date: 01/08/30 (01:08)