ADS-B in Alaska

This video, filmed by cameras on the tail and a wing of a Piper Navaho Chieftain, shows how ADS-B Technologies of Anchorage, Alaska, tested a system last year to help pilots fly through rugged terrain, where they cannot be seen by air traffic control radar. The GPS-based navigation and weather information system transmits position tracking to pilots and to control towers. The first segment shows how the pilot and ground controller can follow the airplanes course in real time as it flies through a narrow canyon. The second segment (at 0:54) shows how the system helps pilots maintain a safe separation from other aircraft. Finally (1:32), the system helps the Pipers pilot track another airplanes rate of closure as it flew past at high speed. The system also works for airplanes over open water or in other locations beyond the reach of ground stations. Footage courtesy of ADS-B Technologies, DisplayPoint Software by PCAvionics, music licensed via (02:01)