Vermont - Nature and Scientific Wonders

Lake Willoughby(Westmore)
Lake Willoughby, also known as the "Lucerne of America," is considered by some as being the most beautiful lake in Vermont. Located in the town of Westmore, a short distance off Interstate 91 and 30 miles north of St. Johnsbury, this body of water is known for its crystal clear water, natural sand beaches and great fishing. With a maximum depth of 312 feet, it’s also the deepest lake in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, which makes it a favorite among divers.

Quechee Gorge(Quechee)
Quechee Gorge, one of Vermont’s most natural wonders, is a 3,000-foot-long, 163-foot-deep chasm sculpted 13,000 some years ago. Visible from Route 4, it is now encompassed by a state park that includes hiking trails along the rim and down into the gorge.

Smuggler’s Notch Road (between Stowe and Jeffersonville)
The Smuggler’s Notch Road winds through Vermont's Mansfield State Forest. Located along this short but unforgettable byway are scenic pullouts and parking areas for sightseers, hikers, and rock climbers.

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