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The 20 Most Iconic Food Destinations Across America

Every city has that one place that tourists and locals alike go to for local flavor. Which one is the best?

Oklahoma Joe’s barbecue ribs (Courtesy of Flickr user Joe Newman)


(Courtesy of Flickr user jpellgen)
The must-eat meal at this family-run business has remained the same since 1886: the crab cake sandwich. A giant, flaky half-pound lump of crabmeat sits atop chewy white bread, surrounded by the classic combo of lettuce and tomato. It’s been named one of the best sandwiches in America by “Man vs. Food” host Adam Richman. But what makes it so good? Before the balled-up mix is tossed in the fryer for five seconds, Faidley’s owners, who are descendants of the original founder, stir in chopped saltines, which give the crabmeat, mustard and Old Bay mix a fluffier quality.
Website: faidleyscrabcakes.com

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