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The 20 Most Iconic Food Destinations Across America

Every city has that one place that tourists and locals alike go to for local flavor. Which one is the best?

Oklahoma Joe’s barbecue ribs (Courtesy of Flickr user Joe Newman)

Joe’s Stone Crab

(UIG via Getty Images)
Even James Bond, in Ian Fleming’s book Goldfinger, describes his order at Joe’s as the best meal of his life. The eatery has been serving its signature dish of stone crab legs, a Floridian delicacy, since its real estate boasted only a few picnic tables in 1913 (today, the high-ceilinged restaurant seats 475). The legs are served chilled with mustard sauce and come in four sizes, from medium to jumbo. But the restaurant’s best-kept secret isn’t surf or turf—it’s a surprisingly cheap fried chicken (half a chicken costs $5.95), which loyal customers know to follow with Joe’s original homemade key lime pie.
Website: joesstonecrab.com

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