Teton Wilderness

The continental divide, wild rivers and grey wolves

Absaroka Mountains © Dale Spartas/Corbis
Full moon rising over mountains in the Absaroka Range at sunset © Tom Murphy/National Geographic Society/Corbis
A view of Pacific Creek Courtesy of Bryant Olsen via Flickr
Wildflowers abound by the Absaroka Mountains, Wyoming © 167/Michael S. Quinton/Ocean/Corbis

Location: Wyoming
Size: 585,238 acres
Year Designated: 1964
Miles of Hiking Trails: 450

While Grand Teton National Park gets most of the tourist traffic, Teton Wilderness, located within the Bridger-Teton National Forest just five miles to the park's east, is arguably just as beautiful. At Teton Wilderness' Two Oceans Pass, something incredible happens to Two Oceans Creek: it splits, taking some of its water east to the Atlantic and some of it west to the Pacific. But Two Oceans Pass is hardly the only incredible feature of the nearly 590,000 acre wilderness area, which is located within Bridger-Teton National Forest and borders Yellowstone National Park to the North. The Teton Wilderness also features some of the nation’s best wildlife areas and is home to grey wolves, grizzly bears, trumpeter swans, bobcats, bald eagles and moose, among many others.

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By Natasha Geiling

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