St. Petersburg, Florida

Musings of a native

I remember when St. Pete used to be a quiet little town. I remember when the old people used to sit downtown on our GREEN benches. we used to have green benches all up and down Central Avenue. I rememer an old lady telling me that haines road ran along haines farm. That must have been a HUGE farm. Once, in the nineties, I bought some cuff links with baseball players on them from Kauffman Jewelers downtown. The sales man said that his father had made them for the St. Pete Saints in the twenties. That was back when Babe Ruth played for the Saints. I thought my husband would like them since he played ball in his early twenties. Turns out that his grandfather played for the St. Pete Saints. I still have the cuff links. Someone should investigate Angola. It was on oyster bay in the bay area. It was a town built by run away slaves. The spaniards destroyed it and killed most of the escaped slaves. No real research has been done on it.

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