Rick Steves’ Europe: Dingle, Ireland

On western Ireland’s remote and rugged peninsula, traditional Irish culture thrives

Jonathan Andrew / Corbis

Dingle Harbor

Fishing boats Dingle Harbor Ireland
(Travelib Prime / Alamy)

Fishing boats still sail from Dingle Town's harbor, which has been a seaport since the Middle Ages.

The Pub

Dick Macks pub Munster Ireland
(Doug Pearson/ AWL Images Ltd)

Village life centers around the pub, where everyone gathers for music and craic (animated conversation and atmosphere).

Rocky Cliffs of the Dingle Peninsula

County Kerry Ireland rocky cliffs
(Jonathan Andrew / Corbis)

The Dingle Peninsula is green, rugged and untouched.

The Streets of Dingle

Ireland pub
(Jiri Rezac / Alamy)

Dingle's handful of streets are lined with ramshackle but gaily painted shops and pubs leading up from the harbor.

Dingle, Ireland

Dingle Ireland map
(Guilbert Gates)

Of the peninsula's 14,000 residents, 1,900 live in Dingle Town. The area has been a tourist draw ever since the release of the film "Ryan’s Daughter" in 1970.

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