Supermoon at Turret Arch, Arches National Park. (NPS photo by Jacob W. Frank)
The Supermoon Over the Sydney Bridge, Sydney, Australia. (Image Source: Flickr user Rex Boggs)
The Supermoon Rising Over Dallas, TX. (Image Source: Flickr user Dave Hensley )
An Australian Outback Supermoon. (Image Source: Flickr user Georgie Sharp)
The Supermoon Over the Centennial Mountains in Southwest Montana. (Image Source: Flickr user Bureau of Land Management )
The Supermoon Over Salobreña, Granada, Andalusia, Spain. (Image Source: Flickr user José Garrido)
A Dim Supermoon Peaks over the Hills of Santee, California. (Image Source: Flickr user slworking2 )
The Supermoon Over the Lights of the Brooklyn Bridge. (Image Source: Flickr user ccho)
The Supermoon as Seen From Doha, Qatar. (Image Source: Flickr user Osama Saeed )
A Capital Supermoon in Washinton, D.C. (Image Source: Flickr user Rich Collins)
The Supermoon Rising Over the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne, Australia. (Image Source: Flickr user Chris Phutully)
The Supermoon Rises Over Navarre Beach, Florida. (Image Source: Flickr user M.M. Meeks)
The Supermoon Rising Above the Washington Monument, Washington, D.C. (Photo and Caption Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls)
Moon and Bird in Silhouette, University of Tampa, Tampa, Florida. (Image Source: Flickr user Matthew Paulson)
The Supermoon Over Blackheath, London, UK. (Image Source: Flickr user Mike Meynell)

Photos of the Supermoon from Around the World

Take a look at these beautiful snapshots captured as the supermoon rose around the globe this past weekend

The "supermoon" effect occurs when the moon is at its closest orbital distance from the earth. According to NASA, this year's supermoon was 13.5% larger and 15% brighter than a normal full moon. Around the world, professional and amateur photographers headed outdoors to capture beautiful images of the lunar phenomenon.

To learn more about this year's Supermoon, click here.


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