North Dakota - History and Heritage

In North Dakota, history isn't found where it's musty, dusty or dark. A host of interesting sites tell the story of North Dakota’s history and heritage, allowing you to unearth and engage in what once was. Become part of the story at one of our many state and national historic sites.

Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park (Mandan)
Discover General George Custer's last home before he and the Seventh Calvary rode to the Little Bighorn.

Bagg Bonanza Farm (Red River Valley)
Step foot onto one of the last remaining bonanza farms in the United States, located in North Dakota's lush Red River Valley. Or dig into pre-historic history at a scientific, professionally conducted fossil excavation, where you'll dig for 60 million-year-old fossils of crocodiles, champsosaurs (crocodile-like animals), fish, turtles and more.

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