Eskimo Yo-Yos, Muskox Knitting Yarn and Other Unique Gifts to Buy in Alaska

Smithsonian Journeys Quarterly

Alaska rewards—no, rather—demands ingenuity. In earlier times, with limited
access to metal, Inuit hunters would use frozen fish wrapped in hides as sled runners. These days, enterprising Alaskans craft old fishing lines into doormats, automobile hubcaps into sculpture, and glacial mud into ceramic tiles. Inspiration comes not only from nature but also from the instinct to use what’s close at hand.

Fishing Line Doormat

Upcycled from used fishing line and rope, the mats are made by Alaska Rug Company on Kodiak Island. Owners Robert and Anita Shane started the company when trying to quit smoking, experimenting with rope and knots “in lieu of strangling one another while kicking the habit.” Love It Again Consignment, 1441 W. Northern Lights Blvd., Anchorage


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