Lancaster, Kentucky

Here, everyone knows everyone

Lancaster, Kentucky
Lancaster, Kentucky Wikimedia Commons

I have lived the past 25 years in Minnesota but growing up my hometown was Lancaster, KY( pop.3000). In Lancaster, everybody knew everybody. Doors were never locked, fisherman left their rods tackle in their boats, children wandering freely through the streets. You could buy anything completely on credit with only your word. We had a central town square, with a little park literally right in the center of the central city intersection (there was only one!) My favorite memories were of our public library, movie theatre, and baseball field. My very favorite was stopping in McRobert's Drug Store on the way home from school. They would allow us kids to come in sit on the floor and read the comic books right off the shelf. No only did they permit this, but occasionally they would treat us to a complimentary fountain Coke or an ice cream cone. Those days are gone, so is McRobert's and the town square. However, the great memories remain.

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