From Iceland to Croatia, Go On the Ultimate “Game of Thrones” Tour

Want more “Game of Thrones” than a show every Sunday and books every few years? Consider visiting the filming locations

Look familiar? Morocco's Essaouira, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was the filming location for Astapor, "Game of Thrones'" infamous slave-trading city. (Corbis)


While families fight in sunny King's Landing, the men of the Night's Watch man Westeros' northern border against threats from beyond the Wall, from marauding Wildlings to seemingly invincible White Walkers, frozen zombie-like figures that come riding dead horses, mammoths or ice-spiders. To create a world capable of housing such terrifyingly supernatural creatures—without needing to do much post-production editing—HBO shot many scenes "beyond the Wall" in Iceland, a place nearly as magical as Westeros. Iceland Travel offers a four-day travel package, "Game of Thrones—Iceland: Beyond the Wall," which hits most location highlights, including a trip to the "other worldly" Lake Myvatn area, where the primitive Wildling clans reside.


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