What’s Up With This Russian House? The Ceiling

As part of an art installation, the “All-Russian Exhibition Center” built a house — the wrong way

На ВВЦ появился перевернутый дом

Sometimes it's hard to judge a house until you are invited in. Other times, things feel a bit off right from the get-go. For visitors to the unique European cottage outside All-Russian Exhibition Center, the experience is probably the latter: a red Mini Cooper hangs from the driveway and the roof pitches downward to the ground. Inside, tables and chairs dangle from the floor, and light fixtures protrude upwards from the ceilings. The house is more than a little crooked—it's built entirely upside down.

Visitors to the house have explained the sensation of walking on the ceiling as akin to a rollercoaster. The house leaves no detail unturned, adhering a meal—plates, glasses and all—to the upturned dining table and an upside-down doll in a child's room. The house isn't the first of its kind—others have turned ceilings into floors—but it is the first upside-down house in Russia. 

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