Highlights From “Infinity of Nations”

A new exhibition explores thousands of years of artwork from the Native nations of North, Central and South America

Contemporary Northern Cheyenne artist Bently Spang wove together photographic negatives and prints of his family’s Montana ranch to design a variation on a traditional war shirt. (Walter Larrimore, National Museum of the American Indian)


Inuit womans Tuilli
(Maura McCarthy)
Nearly 160,000 beads sewn in floral and anatomical designs adorn this Inuit woman’s tuilli, or parka, from the Canadian Arctic. The beadwork, which was transferred from a different garment, was likely a gift from a mother to her daughter during the whaling period between 1860 and 1915. Tuilli were constructed purposefully with large shoulders so that the women who wore them could fit their baby inside while nursing in the cold climate. Far too ornate for everyday wear, this particular tuilli was likely only brought out for special occasions.

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