Highlights From “Infinity of Nations”

A new exhibition explores thousands of years of artwork from the Native nations of North, Central and South America

Contemporary Northern Cheyenne artist Bently Spang wove together photographic negatives and prints of his family’s Montana ranch to design a variation on a traditional war shirt. (Walter Larrimore, National Museum of the American Indian)


Valdivia Figurines The Andes
(Maura McCarthy)
Dating back to 3500 B.C., these figurines made by the Valdivia people of Ecuador are the oldest known ceramic pieces in the Western Hemisphere. The mostly female figures were likely symbols of fertility that the Valdivia used in agricultural ceremonies. Each one was sculpted from a single block of clay. The figures tend to have a straight posture, pronounced breasts, shoulders and neck, and a raised head with a small face.

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