Visit These Iconic Forrest Gump Filming Locations

Unlike a box of chocolates, you can know what you’re going to get with these places from Gump’s epic life

(Rachid Dahnoun/Aurora Open/Corbis)

Twenty years have passed since Forrest Gump first regaled strangers on a Savannah park bench with tales of American history and boxes of chocolate, but the film remains an iconic part of our nation's film canon. Perhaps equally iconic are the film's locations—sweeping in breadth, the movie transports viewers from the American South to Vietnam.

For a taste of Forrest Gump's version of American history, skip the line at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. and take a trip to one of these locations instead:

Chippewa Square, Savannah, GA

It's hard to imagine Forrest Gump without the scenes in Chippewa Square, where Gump dispenses wisdom about life to perfect strangers on a park bench (everything from "stupid is as stupid does" to "life is like a box of chocolates"). You can visit the square today—but don't expect to sit on the bench. The film's famed bench was placed in the square only for filming, and then moved to the nearby Savannah History Museum.


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