Dover, Ohio

Dover was and still is a quiet pond in a seething ocean

Dover, Ohio (Wikimedia Commons)

I was reared in an idyllic period in this country, born in 1943 and becoming a true American teenager during the 50's. My life as I look back on it was so innocent and simple. This town was so typical of what makes this land of ours so unique, the neighborhoods, the mix of ethnic groups, the ice cream shops, the "Y" for weekend dances, going to the city park at Deis Hill for occasional live bands and those dangerous out of town fellas that looked so much more interesting than the hometown guys. I was allowed to walk home at 11:00 in the evening with my girlfriends, never a thought of danger, drugs, drunkards, etc. Maybe it was not too smart, but nothing ever happened except an occasional wolf whistle from a passing carload of boys. Dover was and still is a quiet pond in a seething ocean, simple but not dumb. It certainly is not the same as 50 years ago, but there is still a feeling of safety, peace, and respect for each other in this town.


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