Craziest Airplane Cabins of the Future

These airplane cabin designs—both real and conceptual—show what might await us on flights in the near future

A windowless cabin design concept by Spike Aerospace. (Spike Aerospace)

Short-Haul Premium Seat Concept (by paperclipdesign)

Designed with the business traveler in mind, this seat trades width for pitch in order to gain a better recline and easier aisle access. The increased distance between seats also makes possible other features such as an ottoman, which provides extra storage. Slimmed-down armrests allow for magazine storage and power outlets. A highlight is the secret storage pocket, accessible only when the seat is upright. Finally, fliers can doze without worrying about their valuables. The staggered arrangement also gives passengers increased space and privacy, as well as providing the crew with easier access to non-aisle-side passengers.


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