Connecticut - History and Heritage

Known as the Constitution State (informally, Nutmeg State or Land of Steady Habits), Connecticut is made up of five main regions: River Valley, Mystic Country, Litchfield Hills, Greater New Haven and Fairfield County. Each region carries its own distinct appeal and New England charm.

River Valley
The Connecticut River is the centerpiece of the Central Connecticut region, meandering from Suffield to Old Saybrook. Throughout the River Valley region, travelers can experience an array of activities including exploring dinosaur prints and an exquisite castle, enjoying a scenic riverboat ride along the Connecticut River or an eagle watching excursion, visiting the homes of famous authors Mark Twain and Harriet Beecher Stowe, or watching a show at the historic Goodspeed Opera House.

Mystic Country
From the many family attractions in Mystic to the sounds of coins clanging at two of the country’s finest casinos to the unspoiled charm of the New England countryside, Eastern Connecticut offers a number of activities to match any traveler’s interests. Travelers to this region can also explore tall ships, take part in distinctive Americana festivals or spend quality time with the family following the Family Fun Trail.

Litchfield Hills
Northwestern Connecticut offers some truly distinctive experiences including the Carousel Museum of New England, which features a specialized carousel workshop that provides visitors with an opportunity to learn and watch the restoration process of wood-carved carousel horses. Visitors can also see White Memorial, the state’s largest nature center and wildlife sanctuary; the Golden Age Trucking Museum, which contains one of the rarest collections of antique trucks in the world; Lake Compounce, the country’s first amusement park and the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum.

Greater New Haven
Home to Yale University and the birthplace of the hamburger, South Central Connecticut imparts tales that have evolved into the cornerstone of American history with inventions such as the cotton gin, Frisbee and the lollipop. Visitors to South Central Connecticut can take a hike on the "Sleeping Giant," a hiking trail off the highway, pick the season’s harvests at New England orchards or enjoy the bucolic scenery during a kayaking excursion.

Fairfield County
Southwestern Connecticut is a region that seamlessly melds the sophistication of New York City and the New England countryside with its distinctive shopping, renowned museums and an emerging culinary scene. Travelers to the region can walk along the waterfront streets of South Norwalk and enjoy shops, galleries and exceptional dining or visit the residents of Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo, the only zoo in the state.

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