The Best Places Around the World to See Bats (by the Millions)

Bat tourism might sound creepy, but it may be the best way to help bat conservation around the world

Mexican free-tailed bats near Bracken Cave, Texas. (© Aerie Nature Series, Inc./CORBIS)

Spandau Citadel: Berlin, Germany

(Berlin's Spandau Citadel has been home to one of Europe's largest bat colonies since the 16th century. Credit: © Rainer Jensen/dpa/Corbis)

Completed in 1549, Berlin's Spandau Citadel is one of the best-preserved Renaissance fortresses in Europe. But under the citadel's vaulted roof lives a spooky secret: the place is actually home to one of Europe's largest bat colonies, who have spent their winters cozying up in the citadel since its completion. Visitors can check out the 10,000 bats from a separate viewing room, or take a guided tour, offered from summer to early fall, when the bats begin returning for the winter.

Interested in learning about other locations to see bats? Bat Conservation International has created a nifty map of other bat viewing spots around the world.


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