Native to Japan, the cherry blossom trees that draw crowds to the Washington, D.C. Tidal Basin each year were originally received as a gift from the nation in 1912. Now, thousands of trees dot the area near the National Mall, blooming in March and April, contributing to the theme of rebirth we associate with spring.

Although the blooms in Washington, D.C. may be the most popular in the country due to their placement among national monuments, such as the Thomas Jefferson and Martin Luther King Jr. memorials, cherry blossoms grow in gardens in Massachusetts, New York, Missouri, California and other states across the nation. And, of course, they’re still found in Japan. Luckily, you don’t have to travel to any destination—unless you want to—to experience the beautiful blooms. Take a look.

Night Blossoms
At night, these cherry blossoms seem to almost glow in the dark. Zhibin You, Maryland, 2023
Perfect boutonnières
These pink cherry blossoms would make perfect boutonnières, but who would dare pick them? Ningjing Lin, Massachusetts, 2021

Brooklyn Botanical Garden
Follow the path along the Cherry Walk at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, where double-flowering Kwanzan cherry blossom trees are on display. Tianna Strickland, New York, 2019
Yoshino and Kwanzan
The Yoshino and Kwanzan (pictured) cherry blossom trees are the most prevalent in the Washington, D.C. area. Brianna Burnett, Virginia, 2020
Ready for its close-up, a squirrel peeks out from the cherry blossoms for the perfect photo. Jane Gamble, Washington, D.C., 2018
The Missouri Botanical Garden
The Missouri Botanical Garden is one place to view cherry blossom trees in the Midwest. Roxanna Cummings, Missouri, 2020

Jefferson Memorial
Arriving ahead of schedule in 2024, the cherry blossoms, many of which encircle the waters in front of the Jefferson Memorial, peaked in mid-March.  Sharron Owens, Washington, D.C., 2023
Single Blossom
A cherry blossom tree full of flowers is a lovely sight, and each individual bloom contributes with its own beauty. Ecaterina Leonte, Utah, 2019
Cherry blossom season is a great time to gather in Washington, D.C. for a picnic with family and friends. Sahil Halim, Washington, D.C., 2019

A hummingbird
A hummingbird flies below a cherry blossom tree at the Los Angeles Zoo. Raquel Frohlich, California, 2019
Pink Path
The rain causes flower petals to fall to the ground, creating a picturesque pink path lined by cherry blossoms. Midori Chan, Japan, 2019
Cherry blossom branches frame the Washington Monument
Cherry blossom branches frame the Washington Monument from across the calm waters of the Tidal Basin. Rachel Ingersoll, Washington, D.C., 2023
Central Park
A skyscraper peeks through the branches of a cherry blossom tree and a tulip magnolia in Central Park. Susan Burke, New York, 2021
Arched Branches
Photographers, standing under an arched branch that meets its reflection to form a circle, look for the perfect spot to capture images of cherry blossoms near the Jefferson Memorial. Grethe Winther, Washington, D.C., 2018

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