Aruba - Music and Performing Arts

Aruba's performing arts scene is a reflection of the diversity of cultures and people who have inhabited the island over hundreds of years. The region's music mixes Latin American, European, and African influence and is a central part of the island's many celebrations and festivals. Among these, the biggest is Aruba's annual month-long Carnival celebration, which embraces the full spectrum of Aruban music, including brass bands, calypso, tumba, and Aruba's unique brand of Roadmarch dance processions. Also notable are the annual June festivals, the "Dera Gai" (St. John's Feast) celebration and the Jazz and Latin Music Festival. Every Tuesday night, Oranjestad's Fort Zoutman hosts the Bonbini Festival, which showcases Aruba's folkloric dance and music talents. Cas di Cultura, Oranjestad's local performing arts theatre, also regularly features local talent, as do the island's many bars and clubs.

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