Arkansas - Landmarks and Points of Interest

In Little Rock the William J. Clinton Presidential Center, Library and Park have been drawing crowds since opening in 2004. A 30-acre park in the River Market District of the city, the Clinton Library features the most extensive collection of presidential papers and artifacts in U.S. history as well as exact replicas of the Oval Office and Cabinet Room of the White House.

Despite legends to the contrary, El Dorado has been discovered and is actually a town in Union County, Arkansas. Gold may not have put this place on the map, but oil definitely did. "Arkansas's Original Boomtown," El Dorado was the epicenter of the oil boom that invigorated south Arkansas in the 1920s. The wealth that poured in led to a population spike and the small town's rapid growth. A building frenzy came too, and now the town's art deco architecture and renovated buildings from the 1930s have become one of the preserved gems of historic America.

In Perryville, the 1,200-acre Heifer Ranch is one of three Heifer International;s learning centers, where participants can attend educational workshops that explore long-term solutions to global hunger, poverty, and environmental neglect. On site are the more than 15 species of animal—water buffalo, camels, burros, sheep, goats and other traditional farm animals—Heifer uses in its forestry, vegetable production, and natural resource management projects. The center also gives tours of the many sustainable housing complexes they build in places like Guatemala, Zambia and Thailand.

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