Arizona - Eco Tourism Initiatives


Sustainable tourism is the key to survival for many of Arizona's natural wonders. The Grand Canyon promotes such practices, and the entire state has taken on many similar green initiatives.

At the Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area, just minutes away from the heart of Phoenix, a trash site has been transformed into a lush and welcoming wetland home for local wildlife, especially the avian populations that draw hundreds of bird watchers each year. Over 200 bird species have been spotted in the area, and the valley's native flora has also begun to thrive due to the dedicated efforts of the Rio Salado volunteers.

Other eco-friendly hotspots include the Yuma West Wetlands, a 135-acre wildlife preserve along the Colorado River and the San Pedro River, where tours, bird walks, and educational workshops are given to educate visitors about the conservation practices of the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory.

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