A Walk Through Taxila

The ancient remains in Pakistan represent a glimpse into the history of two of India’s major religions

In 1980, Taxila was named by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, for not only of its architecture and statues, but also in recognition of the many different cultures that influenced its development. (Ria Misra)


Many sizes of Buddha
(Maura McCarthy)
The bodies of these statues of bodhisattva (followers of the Buddha who also attained enlightenment) in Mohra Muradu remain in their original position among the remains of a Buddhist monastery and stupa. The heads were removed and are now in the Taxila musueum.

While much of the architecture and statues in Taxila remain in their original spots, in recent years there has been a move to remove all or parts of the statues to protect them against the advances of time and hostilities in the region.


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