Tidal Power

View of the Skagit River, with the Diablo Dam (completed in 1930) visible

On This Disputed River, Progress May Mean a Return to the Past

Winding through British Columbia and Washington, the Skagit has a history that reflects competing conceptions of advancement

In July 2016, a solar-powered airplane flying over the desert region of Andalusia in Spain photographed breathtaking images of the Gemasolar concentrated solar power plant.

How Engineers of New Energy Technology Are Taking Cues From Nature

From sunflower spirals to schooling fish, renewable energy innovators are uncovering ideas for improving efficiency and output in natural phenomena

How Was Red Rock Canyon Formed?

One of the most important byproducts of the Hoover Dam is an artificial body of water known as Lake Mead

Does the Moon's Phase Cause Earthquakes?

One researcher offers a succinct answer

The Costs and Benefits of Hydropower

Damming rivers may seem like a clean and easy solution for Albania and other energy-hungry countries. But the devil is in the details


Future of Energy

Bold new ideas to meet the world's burgeoning need for power

The Watts Bar Dam, one of the dams that is part of the Tennessee Valley Authority.

Here’s How FDR Explained Making Electricity Public

"My friends, my policy is as radical as the Constitution of the United States," he said

Inside the World's First Large-Scale Effort to Harness Tidal Energy

Next month, the UK-based company MeyGen will install four underwater turbines off the coast of Scotland

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