Stieglitz in Focus

A new exhibition at Washington's National Gallery of Art tracks the development of seminal photographer Alfred Stieglitz


Heroes Then and Now

The carcass of a cargo ship, already sheared of its forward structure, sits where it was parked on the beach at Chittagong, Bangladesh, flanked by two other scrapped vessels in various states of dismemberment.

Multiple Viewpoints

Photographer Edward Burtynsky's politically charged industrial landscapes are carefully crafted to elicit different interpretations


Shades of Merriment

Robert Capa, famous for his battle photographs, made friends along the way

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Cavendish, Vermont 1981
What did the Russian author like about the United States? "[He] told me the air was free in America," Benson recalls.

Cheeky Charmer

For half a century, photographer Harry Benson has been talking his way to the top of his game


Migrant Madonna

Two wives alternate the responsibility for preparing meals, which involves making the fire, grinding the grain and preparing ngome, breakfast cakes of pounded millet or rice, salt and oil. The cakes are also sold.

What's for Dinner?


The Thousand-Yard Stare


Finding the Eye of the Whirlpool

Adventure photographer Peter McBride tells what it was like to shoot whirlpools while hanging from a ship's radio antenna.


Preacher on the Go

Tiny Smith Island has three churches but only one pastor, who gets around by boat and Golf Cart


Portraits of Her People

Historian, photographer and Macarthur "genius," Deborah Willis documents the black experience


What is Bugging Barbara Norfleet?

A photographer's imaginary insect world mirrors our own, with beetles flying kites and six-legged warriors on the march


Images of the Spirit: The Evocative Vision of Graciela Iturbide

The Mexican photographer blends history, lyricism and portraiture to record cultures in transition


The AP Looks Back

150 Years of Capturing the Moment


The Artful Lens of Ansel Adams


The Imprint of Latino Photographers

A History of Women Photographers

A Traveling Exhibition On Women Photographers Doesn't Skirt the Issue


The Fiery Nadar Took Paris' Pulse

A self-styled bohemian of the mid-19th century, the young photographer captured the spirit of the time in portraits now on exhibit at the Met


Keeping Up With Our Freelancers in the Field

Since this magazine started sending writers and photographers all over the world back in 1970, they've had more adventures than most of us can dream up

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