Astronauts could run around the interior walls of cylindrical homes on the moon.

Could Running Around a 'Wall of Death' Help Astronauts Stay in Shape on the Moon?

Short sprints on these cylindrical structures, long used by daredevil motorcycle riders, might promote muscle mass and bone density in low-gravity conditions

Four of the participants will exercise on a cycling machine while spinning around in a centrifuge designed to mimic artificial gravity.

Volunteers Are Spending 60 Days in Bed to Help Astronauts Stay Healthy in Space

For two months, the group of 12 men must eat, sleep, exercise, bathe and use the toilet while at least one shoulder is touching the bed

Sometimes, it's okay to skip leg day.

For Men, Gains in the Gym May Come at a Cost to Sperm

There might be a tradeoff between how strong men look and sperm count

The new softbots can lift an astonishing amount with the assistance of only air or water pressure.

This Artificial Muscle Can Lift 1,000 Times Its Own Weight

They were inspired by origami

Acelity scientists evaluate a new prototype at the company's Regenerative Medicine Laboratory in Bridgewater, New Jersey.

How Artificial Muscles Could Transform the Lives of Some Military Veterans

From pig muscle, scientists are developing an organic material that may help heal volumetric muscle loss

Ask Smithsonian: What Is a Dimple?

Michael Jordan, Vanessa Hudgens and all those celeb dimples to die for? Just a result of a double zygomaticus major muscle

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Philippe Petit in The Walk

What Happens to Your Body When You Walk on a Tightrope?

It's more than just an insane amount of courage that gets people on the tightwire

Veggie Power? Artificial Muscles Made From Blinged-Out Onions

Turning root vegetables into working muscles requires gold, electricity and imagination

Are QR Codes Safe and Other Questions From Our Readers

You asked, we answered

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