When Will There Be Herds of Mammoths?

With the announcement that the woolly mammoth genome has been sequenced, it seems natural to ask when we will finally see live mammoths


Sabertooth Cat: More Like a Lion or a House Cat?

It is difficult to figure out the behaviors of an animal that lived thousands—or millions—of years ago when all you have are its fossilized bones


And the Next Species Predicted to Be Lost to Climate Change is…

…the antilopine wallaroo, a type of kangaroo that lives in wet, tropical areas of Australia

When it dives, the platypus closes its eyes, ears and nostrils and finds its food through electrical receptors in its bill that detect the movement of small prey.

On the Evolutionary Gold Mine Down Under

What the platypus and other Australian species reveal about genetics

Pseudoryx nghetinhensis Saola (aka Vu Quang ox) 4 - 5 month old female at the Forest Inventory & Planning Institute Botanical Garden. Hanoi, Vietnam

A Wildlife Mystery in Vietnam

The discovery of the saola alerted scientists to the strange diversity of Southeast Asia's threatened forests

Two Bighorn rams

Tracking the Bighorns

Where do the elusive mountain climbers go? Researchers have finally learned some answers


Wild Things: Life as We Know It

Flying mammals, Galápagos iguanas and sidewalk songbirds


In the mid-1800s, "ships of the desert" reported for duty in the Southwest

Because Africa's scarcest natural resource is water, environmentalists say the hippo, or "river horse" (in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where poachers have devastated hippo populations), will increasingly come into conflict with people.

Hippo Haven

An idealistic married couple defy poachers and police in strife-torn Zimbabwe to protect a threatened herd of placid pachyderms

Phoenix, a life-size model of a North Atlantic right whale, at the center of the new Sant Ocean Hall, 2008

A Whale Called Phoenix

A very large mammal will help tell an even weightier tale—about the ocean in this crowded, challenging century

Bison do roam, up to tens of miles per day. Their ranging and even wallowing habits can shape plant and animal life on the prairie.

Back Home On The Range

When a group of Native Americans took up bison ranching, they brought a prairie back to life


Herd on the Street

In Anchorage, Alaska, you never know when a moose will show up on your doorstep

Close Encounters

Northwest of Seattle, an overly friendly orca polarizes a community


Talking to Horses

Stanford Addison uses intuition, compassion and persistence to "break" wild horses

Kandula frolicking with mother Shanthi at the National Zoo at 8 months.

Great Expectations

Elephant researchers believe they can boost captive-animal reproduction rates and reverse a potential population crash in zoos

"I can Monday-morning quarterback, but no one knew that [starvation killed the animals] until after they were dead," says beleaguered rescue leader Becky Arnold."

Incident at Big Pine Key

A pod of dolphins stranded in the Florida Keys reignites an emotional debate over how much human "help" the sea mammals can tolerate

During the six-month fire season, the McGrews' hardworking goats can be found lunching in various locations across California.

Using Goats to Prevent Wildfires

Communities worried about the ravages of wildfires are embracing a four-legged solution


Around the Mall & Beyond

Since her arrival in September, baby Chitwan has charmed visitors and curators alike. This is the first birth of a rhino at the National Zoo since 1974


That 'Little Armored Thing' Doesn't Get by on Looks Alone

It appears to be made out of spare parts, but the only mammal equipped with a carapace is actually a model of ecological efficiency

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